About Kelly

Kelly Cross is a Pilates matwork teacher who trained with the Pilates Foundation, an international not-for-profit umbrella organisation which administers and accredits teachers who have met the highest standards in training.

She trained for a year with Rachel Rafiefar (nee Swindle), who studied under Alan Herdman, the man responsible for introducing Pilates to the UK. Her training included in-depth study of anatomy and physiology.

Kelly discovered Pilates for herself after her second pregnancy and became so passionate about the effects on her own body that she decided to train as a teacher.

As a teacher, her desire is to help people realise the amazing potential in their bodies, not just for fitness and toning, but in the provision of relief from the kind of aches and pains that are often caused by bad posture and movement habits.

Fully qualified to teach people at all levels, from beginners through to the advanced classical Pilates repertoire of exercises, she is also qualified to deliver rehabilitative and therapeutic sessions. Kelly is also qualified and experienced in the teaching of specialised pregnancy & postnatal Pilates.

Alongside teaching Pilates, Kelly is a qualified Biomechanics Coach. This gives her the ability to perform tests on various joints and muscles of the body, and develop individualised rehabilitative exercise programs to improve the mechanics of the body. She has successfully used this program therapeutically with a range of clients, from Sports people to people suffering with lower back pain, enabling them to extend ranges of movement and reduce or eliminate pain.

The other aspect to her work is sports and remedial massage, which she uses to help clients with a range of issues. Because of her skill set she is able to offer both private sports / remedial massage sessions, as well as incorporate specific muscle massage in to exercise based private sessions.