Biomechanics Coaching

What Is A Biomechanics Coach?

A Biomechanics Coach is trained to perform a full- body biomechanical screen, establishing areas of mechanical weakness in an individual.

A fully trained coach can screen the shoulders, spine, pelvis, knees, ankles, nerves and muscles to see if they are functioning correctly. If these are not working to capacity, then a Biomechanics Coach will be able to determine whether the problem that is developing is due to poor technique, posture problems, inadequate rehabilitation or ergonomic set-up.

Once this has been established, the coach will be able to prescribe an exercise programme to help eradicate the problems identified and the client will usually return to be periodically re-tested. This enables progress to be evaluated and the programme modified accordingly. Biomechanics can also help with injury prevention. 

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Discomfort, recurring injury, and lack of joint mobility is often caused by internal mechanical problems and a Biomechanics Coach can identify these and show you how to correct them yourself.

You could be an elite athlete or a sedentary office worker who is putting their body under pressure through repetitive tasks, whether that’s from sitting at a keyboard or training in a gym. You need to understand what this is doing to your body, what problems it’s causing and ultimately what you can do about it for yourself, under guidance from an expert.

Most of us have genetic postural issues, or have acquired problems because of the way we sit, stand, walk, lift and carry; and we are compensating for them as we move. This is often manageable until we start to exercise. But then the forces become much higher and our bodies can’t cope and we become injured. That’s why many people start to have injuries only when they start to exercise; being sedentary doesn’t put them under so much pressure, so they are effectively inert, with problems waiting to manifest themselves.