Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage & Remedial Therapy

For most women who have children, the time when they are pregnant and the time after they have given birth is a very fulfilling and happy time. It is also, however, a time when significant demands are made of the body. While the body is amazing in the changes it goes through to facilitate the development of a new life, it also brings along with it some aches and pains, and muscle tightness due to changes in posture, hormones, etc.

Unfortunately this also coincides with a period of time where it often becomes quite hard to find someone qualified and willing to give a pregnant or early postnatal lady a massage.

Kelly is qualified to massage ladies during the stages of pregnancy (we tend to recommend waiting until the end of the first trimester, once the pregnancy is well established). She has also undertaken extra training specifically focussed on aiding physical recovery for the postnatal mother, including issues which can arise from a caesarean section delivery.

Benefits of Massage in Pregnancy & the Postnatal Period: