Class Types

We offer a range of different types of classes, including group matwork classes, private and semi-private matwork sessions, and 'At Work' classes.

Group Matwork Classes

Group matwork classes are taught at a range of levels to suit people's physical level and Pilates experience. Small apparatus is generally used in classes to aid or challenge the clients.

Each hour-long class is designed to provide a balanced workout, exercising the whole body and leaving it feeling more lengthened, stretched and strengthened. Over time, clients should find an improvement in posture, coordination and balance.

Each class has a no more than 12 people to ensure that clients can benefit from attention from the teacher.

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Private / Semi-Private Classes

Private classes are performed on a one-to-one basis. This gives opportunity to specifically address the physical needs of a client's body, providing a tailored exercise regime and maximise personal attention.

Semi-private classes are also available for 2 clients at a time. This gives the many of the benefits of a private class but at a lower price per person.

'At Work' Classes

Providing the convenience of a workout in your workplace, before or after work, or even in a lunch break. If you have a number of people who would like to take part in a class and a room to exercise in, we can come and provide you with a class in the convenience of your work place. We charge a one of two set fees (depending on the group size) and you arrange the cost between the group.