Pregnancy & Postnatal Pilates

Kelly is fully qualified to teach specialised Pilates classes for pregnant ladies and ladies who have recently had babies. Classes specifically for pregnant ladies or postnatal ladies are run as requested, however if there is not a class running at any given time, pregnant or postnatal clients are invited to join the usual classes where the exercises will be adapted for them.


Exercising regularly and safely during pregnancy is very beneficial to an expectant mother and Pilates is considered one of the safest ways to achieve this, along with low impact cardiovascular exercise (such as swimming or brisk walking).

Pilates is particularly good for pregnancy as it focusses on strengthening the areas pregnant ladies can have issues with, e.g. lower back, shoulders, pelvis, pelvic floor, and abdominals. With a large emphasis on breathing techniques and pelvic floor work, it can also help during labour and with recovery afterwards.

Not only does Pilates strengthen the areas to support your changing body, but it can also help to release the areas that become tighter to compensate through stretching and developing good posture.

Some of the exercises practised towards the end of the pregnancy also take into consideration NCT active birthing positions and so strengthen the body to be able to make the most of these during labour.


Pilates is also considered an ideal way to aid the body’s recovery after giving birth. Ladies can begin as early as 6 weeks postnatal (after the 6 week check-up with the G.P.) or 10-12 weeks if a Caesarean section was used for delivery.

The focus for ladies during the postnatal period is to rebuild strength in the abdominal, back and pelvic floor area and generally try and rebalance the muscles of the body to help undo the postural changes which happened during the pregnancy. Pilates exercises do this in a safe and functional way which create the foundations for a new mother to continue with more intensive exercise regimes safely after a few months.

Attending a Pilates class after pregnancy is also often considered by new mothers as an hour ‘for them’.

Benefits in nutshell: