Class Timetable

Each person must complete a Client Assessment Form before attending their first class. Please click here to print one off.

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We offer a range of different types of classes, including group matwork classes, private and semi-private matwork sessions, and 'At Work' classes.

If you do not see classes that suit you in our current timetable, please contact us and let us know times you are interested in. If we have enough interest in a certain time, then it may be possible to introduce a new class.

Time Level Location
Tuesday 5:55-6:55pm Intermediate Centre 4, Wootton Road
Friday 9:30-10:30am Intermediate City Church Community Hall, Chelmsford Ave, DN34 5DD

Class Level Guides:

Beginners: An introduction to the basic principles of Pilates. Suitable for those with little or no experience, or for those who wish to re-visit the 'building blocks' for good movement.

Improvers (Levels 1 & 2): These classes build on the lessons learned in the Fundamentals classes, to apply the Pilates principles into a more challenging, wider range of exercises, which begin to prepare the body for Intermediate level exercises. These classes are suitable for those who have attended a number of Pilates classes, or a Fundamentals course.

Intermediate: These classes challenge the body at a higher level in terms of strength, coordination and stability. This level also includes more of the classical / evolved Pilates exercises, and prepares the body for more advanced level work. These classes are suitable for those who have attended a significant number of Pilates classes, have a good level of postural strength and stability or who have worked through the Improvers Level 1 & 2 classes.

Advanced: These challenging classes use a wide range of exercises based on the classical Pilates exercises and variations. These provide an intense challenge to strength, endurance and coordination. This may also provide a cardiovascular workout. These classes are suitable for those who have been practising Pilates at a high level for some time and have an excellent level of postural strength and stability.

*We strongly recommend that unless you have been practising Pilates for some time with a qualified teacher, you begin with a Fundamentals class, or a private session, to allow us to properly assess your ability. No matter how 'muscular' or flexible you are, you run the risk of injury if you have not properly mastered the basic principles of Pilates. If you have previously been taking Pilates lessons, it may be helpful for us to speak with your teacher.